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Time is a resource of value like no other. How you spend it is important because it can never be replaced. At The Grove Family Dentistry, we strive to make the most of every minute you are with us. We offer scheduling convenience that works for our patients. Your time is valuable, and that needs to be respected. We offer a variety of scheduling choices to meet even the most demanding of agendas.

Extended hours at The Grove Family Dentistry are offered for our patients who have challenges making appointments during regular business hours. Early birds can come in for their dental needs before work or school. With our leading technology, we can tend to your dental issues and get you on your way quickly, all while providing you with excellent and comfortable care. For those who would rather come at the end of their work or school day, we have hours to accommodate your schedule as well. We also have Saturday appointments available for our patients who cannot come during the week. Our commitment is to the patient for convenience, comfort and high-quality dental care.

Family Block Dental Appointments

Are there several family members needing dental care? Then our family block dental appointments are just the thing you need. We schedule family members back to back and simultaneously so that your family can get dental care in one block of appointments. This means fewer trips to the dental office for you and less juggling of already hectic schedules. Larger families, in particular, find family block appointments very helpful for getting dental care completed for all the kids as opposed to stringing out multiple appointments over days or weeks.

Come and experience the difference we make in your oral care. For a pleasant, relaxed visit where the staff caters to your comfort and convenience, contact The Grove Family Dentistry today to schedule time with us. We will make the most of your time and provide you with excellence in dental care and a beautiful smile of which you can be proud.

We Offer Convenience Too!

Another part of exemplary service is providing the patient with easy access and efficient treatments. For your ease of scheduling, we offer early morning and early evening hours. We are also open on Saturdays. Are you experiencing a dental emergency? Give us a call. We are here for you.

Online patient forms make preparation for your visit simple and easy. By providing paperless access, we help you save time and protect a few trees in the process. We are also happy to help with your insurance claims. Are you having a challenge figuring out how to make the most of your dental insurance plan? Talk to us; we can help you with that.

The Grove Family Dentistry is interested in making your visit as productive, enjoyable and comfortable as possible. We are committed to providing each patient, no matter how young or old, with the best possible experience as we address your oral health needs

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