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Making the most of your dental insurance is an important factor in stretching dollars and saving money. As a new patient at The Grove Family Dentistry, we can help you maximize your insurance coverage to attain the oral health that you deserve. We work with our patients, helping them understand insurance jargon and file claims to get the most benefits from their policies.

Many general dental treatments are covered as a standard part of dental insurance. Preventive procedures such as oral exams, X-rays, and cleanings are usually covered in full. Other procedures may have a deductible amount and/or co-pay. Elective procedures such as teeth whitening, bridgework, and other cosmetic or restorative procedures may not be covered or may only be partially covered. We are here to help you maximize your insurance coverage to attain the oral health that you deserve. If you do not have dental insurance or you are underinsured, take heart. We have options for such instances.

Insurance Made Easy, Call Now!

To find out if your dental insurance provider is one of the many that we work with here at The Grove Family Dentistry, just give us a call. We will be happy to find out for you what your coverage plan entails. Our office management team is very adept at helping patients navigate through the insurance maze.

The Grove Family Dentistry Dental Savers Plan

Your oral health is very important. In fact, oral health is the cornerstone of general well-being and overall health. Therefore, barriers to attaining dental care treatments must be eliminated. At The Grove Family Dentistry, we believe in providing avenues for you to be able to afford the dental treatments you need and want. You and your family deserve high-quality dental care. That is what we provide at The Grove Family Dentistry. We participate in the Dental Savers Plan so our patients can have access to quality care at affordable prices. When you call to make your appointment with us, ask about the Dental Savers Plan.


Our Dental Savers Plan is a discount plan that saves patients 20-40% or more off regular dental fees. The plan includes two yearly exams and necessary X-rays with no yearly maximums and no deductibles.

The plan is for individuals or families who don’t have dental insurance but would like to save money on dental care.

Membership is $168 annually for an individual or $248 for an entire family (Parents and children under 18).

Average savings is 20-40%. For example, a six month checkup including exam, X-ray, and cleaning would normally cost $245, but with the plan it only costs $110. A three-surface tooth-colored filling would normally cost $338, but with the plan it only costs $254. A porcelain crown normally cost $1,335, but with the plan it only costs $1,068.

Please speak with our team, and they will be happy to help you apply and get set up immediately.

Flexible Payment Options

At The Grove Family Dentistry, we are aware that not every family has dental insurance. Dental costs can be expensive, and at the same time, oral care is paramount to overall health and general well-being. We offer alternatives to those who do not have dental coverage or whose coverage inadequately supplements your income. Call us to find out about our flexible payment options. We offer CareCredit, and we have a Dental Savers Plan to help make dental care affordable for your family. Excellent oral care is within your reach. Contact our office today and allow us to show you how.

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