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How Our Team is Assessing COVID-19

At The Grove Family Dentistry, we care about your visit and want to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. Our team is following all CDC guidelines for remaining proactive during these uncertain times and making sure our office is clean and safe for you and your family. To provide complete transparency, we are providing you with a step-by-step guide on what to expect during your next visit.

Before Your Scheduled Visit

  1. All common areas and highly touched spaces are disinfected with EPA-approved surface disinfectants.
  2. We are using a hypochlorous acid fogging device to further sanitize the office.
  3. All patients must complete our Patient Screening and Supplemental Consent Form before arriving at their scheduled appointment: Download Here
  4. All magazines or drinks in the reception area have been removed from the office.

Our Sterilization Equipment

We have a dedicated sterilization station featuring the latest innovative technology to keep our instruments clean and ready to use for your next visit.

Our Midmark M11 is a safe and reliable machine that uses a steam-flush pressure-pulse air removal system to ensure proper steam sterilization, as well as optimize workflow. We are also using EPA-approved surface disinfectants, Hypochlorous acid generator, and an Ultra Low Volume Fogger for hypochlorous acid fogging within the office.

During Your Scheduled Visit

  1. All patients are required to check-in from their car upon arrival. If there is a need to be in the office lobby, we ask for all patients to practice safe social distancing by staying 6 feet apart.
  2. All patients are required to wear a mask when they enter the office, as well as use our provided hand sanitizer upon entry.
  3. We are taking both team members' and patient’s temperatures upon arrival, as well as asking for patients to swish with mouth rinse before their appointment.
  4. Patient rooms are disinfected before and after each patient. Our team follows a strict two-step wiping protocol using an EPA-approved disinfectant and our hypochlorous acid fogging.
  5. All instruments that can be heat sterilized are done so after each patient. All tools and equipment that are labeled as one-time use are thrown away after each patient. Items that cannot be thrown away or heat sterilized are covered with a plastic barrier.
  6. To protect patients and staff, we follow all CDC guidelines for personal protective equipment. During all procedures, gloves, gowns, surgical masks, and glasses are worn. During aerosol-generating procedures, clinical staff will wear an N95 mask and face shield.
  7. Our office has installed medical grade HEPA filters in the lobby and every treatment room for your safety. The units are capable of removing particles smaller than COVID-19 viruses.

Our Dedicated Team is Ready for Your Next Visit

By implementing all guidelines and procedures provided by the CDC, our team is ready to schedule your next visit. Contact our office today for any further questions or concerns and to book your next appointment.

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